Saturday, November 28, 2009

Iverson to Come Out of Retirement, Join Sixers

After several days of retirement and 3 turkeys later, disgruntled ex-NBAer Allen Iverson may be set to make his long awaited return to the court.  Current PG, Louis Williams, suffered a broken jaw in Tuesday's 1 point loss to the Washington Wizards, and will be sidelined with a wired jaw for 8 weeks.  Williams has been one of the bright spots for the 76ers this year, averaging 17.4 points, 3.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. 

Williams' presence will be sorely lost on this struggling team, as rookie Jrue Holiday has had to fill in under his absence.  This is where Iverson comes in; 2 months without a seasoned PG is obviously too long to find out whether a rookie can run a team.  Reports are stating that Philadelphia have serious interest in Iverson, and may sign him as soon as next week.  "We simply can't just ignore the upside he'd bring, not with our situation" a team source said on Friday.  There's no denying that this franchise and its fans would be gushing at the fact that they may be able to get one of their all-time greats back--a savior if you will.  At least that's what they're hoping!  I'm sure 76er brass are most giddy about the potential for increased ticket sales and more revenue.

Supposedly, former coach Larry Brown (now coach of the Charlotte Bobcats) is even trying to get into contact with Iverson in order to tell him to not give up on the NBA.  Brown thinks Iverson still has a lot to give the league, and his retirement is premature for the talents he still possesses.

With this news, all signs are pointing to a grandiose return of Allen Iverson--shocker!  I suppose if he is available on your waiver wire you should go pick him up, as he more than likely will post good numbers.  As for when Williams returns, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the 8 week audition for Iverson has gone to see who will be the starting PG.  We all know of Allen's distaste for coming off the bench, and perhaps by that time the fans may agree with him.


  1. Let say I was a manager in your"420 League" And had...ahhhhh lets say I have Louis Williams on my team......Would you advie me to drop Louis Willams and pick up Holiday?.....Or should I hold do I weather out the storm....And lets say im like 8 out of 12, and got enough P.G.'s....?.
    What would you do Mr.hofer loafer??

  2. Mr. Hoafer Loafers.
    What your take on Jammal Tinsley?

    Must or Bust?

    I also would like to say Iv'e been reading a few other bogers on this site, about fantasy basketball. But lately if been most interested in yours....

    That was a good question that anonymous posted about Louis Williams.....What would you do Mr Hofer Loafers??

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Keep the Blogs coming$$$$$$


  3. Mr.HofersLoafer.
    I have Micheal Redd on my keeper leauge. What do I do?
    He's been a pain in my ass for 3 years now. Do I Drop and get some yoots off of the wire or keep him and hope the S.O.B. well bounce like the Redd of old. OOOOOO...Oh Yao Yo!.....Oh yeah!.....I for got to tell you I also have Yao.

    Is Redd go'n to be the T-Mac or the next Agent 0??...or Grant Hill (it just me or does anyone else think they should have a "come back award" and Call the Grant Hill Award. He what every basketball player should strive to be.
    What's you take on keeper leagues Mr.HofersLoafers


  4. I definity agree with ThaMESfoRdBaller75
    Why isn't there a "Grant Hill Award?...
    With all this A.I. blah...Blah shit...
    Yeah A.I. has payed his doo's in the N.B.A.....But it makes me kinda sick, to think of the mantality levels of these pro.

    Look at A.I. ask him why he plays the game of Basketball? He'll say a for a championship....or something stupid like that......But you ask Grant Hill that question....He'll say with out a dout, and no hesitation "I LOVE BASKETBALL, I PLAY BECAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME" he plays because he has a true deep love with the game of basketball in which you don't see that much in the N.B.A.....or all of sport for that mater.

    I would like to challange all HofersLoafers readers with this question?......

    Is there a player in the NBA that deserves a Championship ring more then Mr. Hill???
    If ya do well.....................I think your crazy!


  5. Anonymous, don't get rid of Louis Williams just yet, especially for Jrue Holiday. As I blogged earlier, it seems as if the 76ers will be plucking Allen Iverson from retirement to rejoin the team where he started his career. Although Holiday might provide some short term relief, it seems as if Iverson would get plenty of minutes should he be acquired by Philadelphia. With that being said, who knows how many minutes Williams will get when he is healthy, and Iverson has won his fans back?

  6. SmithersBal'n,
    You should go find Grant Hill and make sweet, sweet love to him and his gimpy knees! You don't think he wants to win a championship? I agree he probably loves the game more than Iverson, but Hill should have probably retired a few years ago--when he could still walk.