Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Iverson, Grizzlies Bid Adieu

Allen Iverson and the Grizzlies have parted ways.  This news doesn't come as a shocker, as most have speculated that Iverson's recent leave from the team had the inklings of a permanent separation by the 2 parties. 

So now what for fantasy owners?  Errr, ummm, I guess the good news is that Iverson has already commented that he is not done playing this year and would accept a bench role in the right situation.  Come on, really?  Really, Allen?  You couldn't last more than 3 games in Memphis before you got your non-title-winning ass out of town.  Furthermore, it only took you 1 game to make sure anybody who would listen to you knew of your displeasure for coming off the bench and how you would not have it.  Not to mention, this all coming after missing the entire pre-season due to injury.  Allen, you were the one who signed with the Grizzlies, you were a free agent and could have signed anywhere; it's not like you were traded.  

There is some speculation that the Knicks may possibly want to sign Iverson, and do what with him I'm not sure.  He would probably fit in great with that loser team (sorry David Lee), and they would probably only sign him for a year, freeing up space to try and sign Lebron come summertime.  D'antoni, keep him on your bench just like you did with Starbury last year.   

As speculated by "The Hofe" yesterday, Raja Bell will indeed opt for season ending surgery.  This announcement comes only a day after he was traded, along with Vladimir Radmanovic, to the Golden State Warriors.  I guess he would rather go under the knife than have to play under Nellie.  Plus, his contract is up at the end of the year and he will need to be healthy if he is going to entice any bidders.  Like I stated yesterday, this is going to free up a bunch of time for both Curry and Morrow.  Pick them up if they're on your waiver line.  Go, now!

In other Golden State injury news, Kelenna Azubuike is also done for the season with a torn patella that will need surgery and 6 months recovery.  Azubuike was a hot pick-up last week as he was a named a starter for the foreseeable future, later pouring in 31 points against Minnesota.  Let me state again: Curry and Morrow are going to get minutes, along with Maggette.  Go get one of them if they are waiver available!

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