Monday, November 16, 2009

The Hofe's Predictions Ring True and Disgruntled Jackson Gets Traded

If you read my post on the Top 3 Fantasy Rookies, you saw that I ranked Brandon Jennings as my # 1 pick for best rookie, thus far; I also later selected him in my poll question to win the Rookie of the Year award come springtime.  Not a day after me touting Jennings' abilities, he scores 55 points on 34 FG attempts, making 61.8%, including 7 threes, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists, for the win I might add--I guess I should also add they were playing a lowly Golden State team.

Speaking of Golden State, the Warriors (and by Warriors I mean Nelson) have finally traded the bellyaching Stephen Jackson.  He, along with Acie Law (didn't he used to have Roman Numerals after his name?), have been aquired by the Charlotte Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmanovic.  

In Fantasy world, this trade is going to affect the value of some players.  Jackson should get a boost in his #'s, as he'll come to a Charlotte team that has the lowest scoring average amongst all 30 NBA teams.  They are going to look to him to score, and will probably play the SG position left behind from the departure of Bell.  Sticking with Charlotte, DJ Augustin will probably continue to see decreased minutes and production, as I'm sure Jackson will see significant minutes.  I own both Diaw and Wallace, and expect to see their numbers improve as well; Wallace's FG% can only go up from 35.4%!

The implications for Golden State are a little more blurry.  Whether or not Raja Bell will have a starting role is yet to be seen.  Who knows, maybe he'll even opt for that wrist surgery he was contemplating a couple weeks back.  This will probably open up more time for Curry and Anthony Morrow; especially because Azubuike is out with a possible season ending patella injury.  Anyway, the only thing certain with the Warriors is that Don Nelson is a crazy nutjob who should not be coaching in the NBA.


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