Monday, November 30, 2009

Frank Out, Nets Still Lose

Turns out the New Jersey Nets didn't make fired coach, Lawrence Frank, man the helm for the winless team's Sunday night tilt versus the Lakers.  Thankfully, Frank won't have his name engraved in stone beside a team who have now lost 17 games in a row, tying a record in the process.  Nets management also wanted to spare Frank of the ominous record.

New Jersey will try to take the record on Wednesday night, versus Dallas.  "Being the worst at something just comes natural to me", Devin Harris was overheard saying in the locker room after Sunday's loss to the Lakers.  "I ain't ever been the same after that white guy in jeans schooled me on the playground last year", Harris went on to say.  Seriously, check out that video!  Also, check out my "Twilight vs NBA" video while you're at it too.

Fantasy wise, you have to think (hope) that changing up coaches should have some positive effect on a team, especially when the team has nowhere to go but up.  Hopefully the offense will be opened up a bit, making scoring more frequent, meaning more stats for your fantasy players.  In addition, Harris has only been back for a few games since his injury, and with him running the offense things should also open up; not to mention his points, assists and FG% should climb back to where they were last season.

Look for Courtney Lee to be inserted back into the starting lineup.  He has struggled off the bench since his return from injury 4 games ago, but will more than likely be relied upon quite heavily once he is 100%.  Lee was New Jersey's big acquisition this past summer, and many were looking to him to fill the void that Vince Carter left behind; a tall order, but Lee should post decent numbers most nights.  He is widely open in many leagues right now.

I have Chris Douglas-Roberts on my team, and have been quite pleasantly surprised by his play thus far; although, if you remember, CDR had a very good training camp and preseason as well.  I'm hoping all of this good stuff from him continues late into the season.  However, I am slightly skeptical of him keeping up this pace and have been trying to sell high on him right now.  With the return of Harris, Lee and soon to be Yi things aren't looking so good for me (yes, I tried to make that rhyme)!  CDR should still get plenty of minutes, but look for his production to drop slightly.

So, are the Nets going to beat the record to become the #1 losers?

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