Wednesday, November 11, 2009

National Basketball Absurdities: Top 3 Most Stupid Injuries of the 09/10 Season (yes, already!)

1. Glen (Big Cry Baby) Davis--Boston Celtics

Before I even get into Davis' ridiculous, self-inflicted injury, did everyone check out Big Baby's crying episode last year due to KG yelling at him? With that being said, I hear that Davis also wants to be in the NFL after his basketball career--there's no crying in professional sports, sorry Adam Morrison! I digress. Big Baby was able to wipe away those tears enough to get into a drunken fight, back in October, in an SUV his best friend was driving, resulting in a broken thumb and at least 6 weeks on the bench. Can you imagine the tears that probably flow from this guy when he's drunk--"I love you man!"

2. Francisco Garcia--Sacramento Kings

Garcia was involved in a freak weightlifting accident. The promising G/F for the Kings was touted in middle to late rounds in most fantasy leagues until the exercise ball he was lifting weights on burst! The random event resulted in Garcia breaking his wrist, requiring surgery, and not being able to return until around the All-Star break. Tough luck Fran.

3. Tyrus Thomas--Chicago Bulls

After a promising 08/09 campaign, fantasy managers had high hopes for Thomas. Yet this extremely talented forward, who had an extremely slow start to the season, set the bar too high I guess--literally! Tyrus is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after a pull-up incident during another freak weightlifting accident caused him to tweak his arm.

Note to all NBA players: stay away from the exercise facilities, go home, smoke a big fatty and relax...I can't afford anymore injuries to my team!

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