Friday, November 27, 2009

Put Your Left Hip In, Pull Your Right Hammy Out

It's the weekend again, with a full slate of games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Happy belated Thanksgiving to any American readers (I really have no idea who's reading this shit)!  Hopefully no one got trampled during any "Black Friday" shopping excursions; then again, it's bound to happen.  What do I give a crap how you spend your Thanksgiving?  I already had mine over a month ago.

Let's get to it...

Mike Dunleavy is set to make his regular season debut on Friday night, versus the Dallas Mavericks.  Dunleavy missed all but 18 games last season, and has missed all 13 games for the Pacers this season due to a knee/hip injury.  Obviously he is set to come off the bench, and staff will be monitoring his minutes to fewer than 20 per game until he can get his legs under him.  Dunleavy hasn't played since February 8, 2009 versus Washington.  In addition to Dunleavy, Danny Granger has proclaimed that he would give it a go after missing 1 game with one of those pesky sprained left knee ligament thingy's.  Be wary of any missed time for Granger in games to come; he has had knee problems in the past.

In Cleveland, Shaquille O'Neal is set to return after missing the past 6 games with a strained shoulder.  Shaq hasn't played since November 12 versus Miami, and will probably be a bit rusty, although Cav's staff says they will not be putting him on a minute restriction so feel free to get him back into your fantasy lineup if you have the room.  O'Neal's stats have been down significantly to start the season, and he has only averaged just over 24 minutes per game this year, down 6 minutes from last year. 

Elton Brand will be a game time decision for Friday's matchup against the Hawks after missing 1 game due to a pulled right hammy.  Brand had finally got it going over his last few games, after a very slow start to the season.  Even if he did return for Friday's game, you would have to expect him to be slower than before the injury.  Brand is tough to read this year, and you may want to try and trade high if he has a couple more good games in a row.

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