Monday, November 16, 2009

Twilight vs The NBA

Should I Stay or Should I go: Men Beware!

This coming Friday, November 20 is opening day for the second installment of the Twilight Saga, New Moon.  "Who cares" you say; "why are you telling me this, and what is it that I fear about handsome, bloodsucking men?"

While I can't help you with your constant feelings of inadequacy, I can inform you that you are going to have to make a difficult decision this Friday when your significant other informs you of her plans for a "date night" involving you, her, and Robert Pattinson.  Perhaps any other night you may oblige her, as we all know what vampire movies do to women (let's just say anything goes when you leave the theatre, and possibly even during the movie!).  However, on this Friday you're compliance may be somewhat more difficult;  I have 3 words for you:  Orlando at Boston.  And, 4 more: possible Eastern Conference showdown.  You've got Howard, Carter, Nelson, and the recent return of Lewis versus Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, not to mention Rondo.  As of the time this article was written (view current standings), each team had 3 losses; Boston was trying to stay atop the Atlantic Division, and Orlando was trying to keep pace with Atlanta and Miami in the Southeast Division.  Not only a great matchup between 2 of the Eastern Conference's best, but you have alot more to lose than just a good Friday night watching sports on the couch, with a beverage of your choice, while your girlfriend watches Supernanny in the bedroom.  Don't forget the waiver wire pick-ups you'll be missing!  So, whatcha gonna do tough guy?...  

Go to the movie and you'll make your spouse happy and content (plus you're almost guaranteed some action).  Or, stay home, watch the game, and keep up-to-date on the 9 other games on tap that night.  It's a tough call; don't go to movie and you're definitely not "getting any" for an indefinite period of time.  Or, go to the movie and miss out on one of the best matchups of the year thus far.  Not to mention, while you're out watching pale-skinned men sink their chompers into other pale-skinned men, all of your fantasy basketball buddies will be keeping a keen eye on all of the games of the night and snatching up any potential breakout players. 

It's your choice. 

Isn't it?      

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