Sunday, November 29, 2009

You've Redd the Writing on the Wall: Michael's Got to Go!

Michael Redd missed Saturday's home game loss against the Orlando Magic due to the sore left knee that made him miss 9 games earlier this season.  After a surprise start to the season, Milwaukee has now lost 4 in a row and remain only 1 game above 500.  Redd had only returned to play in 3 games (1 as a starter) before he had to sit this one out, and is questionable to play in the Bucks next game on Monday night versus the Bulls.  After his last games against the Thunder, Redd stated that he wasn't able to move around the court like he wanted to and felt stiffness in his knee.

None of this sounds very optimistic for Redd owners (that's me!), as he has been injury prone since the 06/07 season where he missed 29 games, not to mention the whopping 49 games he missed last season!  Unfortunately, if you have Redd in a non-keeper league you don't have much choice but to hold onto him, as none of the reports have stated (yet) that he is shutting it down for any extended period of time.  You would be stupid to simply drop him for another player who doesn't possess half of the potential of Redd.  If you are able to trade him, possibly a 2 for 1, that would be your best bet.  However, it's doubtful that anyone in your league would want to take the chance on him, unless they are big Redd fans.

On the other hand, if you own Redd in a keeper league I believe you need to get rid of him.  Again, hopefully you could get something for him in a trade, but you should set your sights low and just take whatever deal you can get at this point--it seems like he is only going to cause you headaches and stress all year long, and quite possibly for the rest of his career!  I picked up Redd in the 7th round of our Fantasy draft and new he was a risky pick, but like most who drafted him had hoped that there was a possibility he might be able to stay healthy.  However, it seems the 30 year old has seen the best of his career pass him by--and now I have him on my team! 

Owners of Redd need to do what they can to load him off on someone else.  Which means if anyone from my Fantasy League is reading this don't be surprised if you are inundated by Redd trade offers!

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