Tuesday, December 1, 2009

34 and Under: Fantasy Basketball Leaderboard

The following leaderboard was developed through acute analysis of fantasy value, current and expected production, injury status, and my own personal biases.  Look for the leaderboard to come out bi-weekly, with updated rankings partially based on your comments.   

1 Lebron James, Cle, SF
Rebounds are the only thing that’s down from last year, everything else is up
2 Chris Paul, NO, PG
Before injury was filling up the stat sheet, but out another 3 weeks
3 Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG
Playing more min. than expected due to Gasol injury—points monster so far
4 Dirk Nowitski, Dal, PF
Continuing extraordinary play from last year—over 1 steal and 1 block per
5 Dwayne Wade, Mia, PG/SG
Only 1 slight disappointment, assists are over 2 fewer per game from last year
6 Kevin Durant, OKC, SG/SF
Picked up his play from first few games and is where we expected him to be
7 Chris Bosh, Tor, PF/C
Can somebody say contract year? Bosh’s stats are up across the board
8 Danny Granger, Ind, SG/SF
He’s doing it again this year, but his knees could be a problem
9 Steve Nash, Pho, PG
Averaging over 2 more assists per game than last year and points are up too
10 Pau Gasol, LAL, PF/C
Although only several games played, averaging ridiculous #’s, including over 4 assists
11 Carmelo Anthony, Den, SF/PF
Averaging over 30 points on nearly 50% shooting, with good rebs, assts, steals
12 Brandon Roy, Por, PG/SG
Scoring down from last year, as he tries to make it work with Miller/Blake
13 Deron Williams, Uta, PG
On pace to do what was expected of him--high pts, assts, % + 3’s and steals
14 Carlos Boozer, Uta, PF/C
Don’t like him, but he’s averaging over 20 and 10, plus 84%FT
15 Jason Kidd, Dal, PG
Old man keeps doing it—not many pts, but everything else is where you’d expect it, including over 2 3’s per
16 Tim Duncan, SA, PF/C
Keeps doing it year in, year out—even FT% is up!
17 Paul Pierce, Bos, SG/SF
FG% is up around 50%, with almost 5 rebs and assts and scoring near 20
18 Josh Smith, Atl, SF/PF
Monster this season—everything is up, including 4 assts and 9 rebs per game and making 53% FG + his blocks!
19 Brook Lopez, NJ, PF/C
Doing what everyone thought he would on the worst team in the NBA—FG% has room for improvement
20 Chauncey Billups, Den, PG
Quietly doing what he does—hopefully assts will rise along the way
21 Andre Iguodala, Phi, SG/SF
 Always a bright spot for the Sixers as he fills the stat sheet
22 Amare Stoudemire, Pho, C
Has made a good return from eye injury, although rebs are quite down
23 Andrea Bargnani, Tor, PF/C
Picked it up even more where he left off last year--pts, rebs and %'s all up!
24 Antawn Jamison, Was, PF
After being back from injury for only 6 games, has instantly returned to form
25 Joe Johnson, Atl, PG/SG/SF
Assists are a bit down, but this team is rolling and so is he
26 Gerald Wallace, Cha, SF/PF
Finally getting his FG% to match the rest of his play—massive rebounds!
27 Monta Ellis, GS, PG/SG
Goodbye Jackson, hello Ellis! Averaging over 29 pts per game over past 9, including 45/42
28 Caron Butler, Was, SG/SF
Scoring and steals down, we’ll see how he and Arenas manage together
29 Kevin Garnett, Bos, PF
Starting to play more min., and still averages a block/steal and over 7 rebs
30 Vince Carter, Orl, SG/SF
Finally starting to pour it on--over 20 pts in 6 straight games
31 Baron Davis, LAC, PG
Playing elite level ball right now, pts a bit down and can't help but think he'll get injured
32 David Lee, NY, PF/C
Up more than 2 pts per game from last year, rebs a bit down but still 10+
33 Marc Gasol, Mem, C
One of those elite 2nd year players who have stepped up their game in every category
34 Al Jefferson, Min, PF/C
Everything is down for Jefferson, but the return of Love should give him some support

Looking in...

Dwight Howard, Jose Calderon, Devin Harris, David West, Marcus Camby, Greg Oden, Nene Hilario, Rudy Gay, Al Horford

Well, now that I've completed it send me your comments and let me know if I'm right on or way off--I can take it!  Also, let me know if you can think of a more "catchy" title.


  1. overall good list, way better than funston's big board.I like granger more than kobe in h2h leagues because he is huge on 3's and also gets blocks and boards, but the knee issues worry me too but the lakers are going to be coasting at the end of the season and i worry about that also.I play only in H2H leagues so dwight howard makes my list.

  2. I'm in H2H too, and I still can't put Dwight in there yet. He's only shooting 56% from the line, and has over 10 attempts a game! How can a guy go 14/16 FT one night and shoot under 60% for the season?--good luck winning FT's in any week.

  3. Dwight Howard it not even in your top #34????.....
    What the fuck?

    What kind of fantasy league do you Commish?