Friday, January 15, 2010

Ask the Hofe

Well, it's the start of the weekend which means there are going to be a crap-load of NBA games over the next few days. With more games comes more decisions on what to do with your Fantasy team. Do you sit someone in favour of another player, or possibly you're gearing up to make a big trade this weekend? Anyone looking for advice or a second opinion, feel free to post your queries in the comment section below and I'll do my best to give you some direction on where to take your team. Whether you're a seasoned Fantasy Basketball veteran or a first year newbie, everyone could use a second opinion sometimes.

Happy Friday!


  1. Would you trade Thompson for Biedrins?

  2. Well, it seems like Biedrins is finally back in the starting lineup and playing well over his past 2 games, while Thompson has been struggling lately-minus Friday night's game! Biedrins might be a good bet going forward, but probably won't get you as many points.
    If you're looking for blocks and rebounds I'd try and get both of them and trade someone else if you could, as Thompson is going to continue to get minutes and may have less pressure on him now that Martin is back.

  3. Will Iverson ever get his game back?

    Couldn't find a direct email link to send the question to.

  4. Iverson is a bum, and so are you! I think you could take him, although he is starting in the All-Star game.
    See you soon!

  5. Could not find an email for you on the site, please email me - I'd like to talk to you about contributing at


    John Carson