Friday, January 15, 2010

Ask the Hofe

Well, it's the start of the weekend which means there are going to be a crap-load of NBA games over the next few days. With more games comes more decisions on what to do with your Fantasy team. Do you sit someone in favour of another player, or possibly you're gearing up to make a big trade this weekend? Anyone looking for advice or a second opinion, feel free to post your queries in the comment section below and I'll do my best to give you some direction on where to take your team. Whether you're a seasoned Fantasy Basketball veteran or a first year newbie, everyone could use a second opinion sometimes.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monster Board Basketball: Fantasy Leaderboard

The following leaderboard was developed through acute analysis of fantasy value, current and expected production, injury status, and my own personal biases.  Look for the leaderboard to come out bi-weekly, with updated rankings partially based on your comments.   

1 Lebron James, Cle, SF
On pace for another career year--plus, shooting over 50% for the 1st time
2 Chris Paul, NO, PG
Slight slip in pts recently, but averaging almost 15 assists over past 4
3 Kevin Durant, OKC, SG/SF
Averaging 32.5 pts and over 57% FG over past 11
4 Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG
Injury to fingers has allowed slip in pts and FG%
Dirk Nowitzki, Dal, PF
Dallas offense still runs through him, nice to see 1+ blocks as well
Chris Bosh, Tor, PF/C
Career, contract year--52% FG is highest for career
Steve Nash, Pho, PG
Over 54% FG is highest in career, and so is his 19 pts per game!
8 Dwayne Wade, Mia, PG/SG
Seems to have shooting back on track, 49% FG over past 11
9 Carmelo Anthony, Den, SF/PF
Looking to get back on track after missing 5 games
10 Tim Duncan, SA, PF/C
58% FG over past 9, and 76% FT is 2nd highest for career
11 Brook Lopez, NJ, PF/C
Bright spot on a horrible team, though pts/reb's down over past 5
12 Deron Williams, Uta, PG
Missing games here and there, but shooting 58% over past 4
13 Brandon Roy, Por, PG/SG
Averaging 32 pts over past 3, with a win over the Lakers!
14 Andre Iguodala, Phi, SG/SF
Averaging 3 steals and 7.5 assists over past 4
15 Danny Granger, Ind, SG/SF
We'll see if he can stay healthy after missing 16 straight
16 David Lee, NY, PF/C
Averaging almost 5 assists over past 7 to go along with everything else
17 Jason Kidd, Dal, PG
Old man keeps doing it!
18 Monta Ellis, GS, PG/SG
Averaging over 30 pts over past 12, but also over 4 TO's
19 Marcus Camby, LAC, PF/C
Can no longer deny his presence--13 rebs over past 5, and over 3 assists on the season, with 1 steal and over 2 blocks
20 Amare Stoudemire, Pho, C
Averaging over 24 pts and 9 rebs over past 7
21 Gerald Wallace, Cha, SF/PF
54% FG over past 4, and almost 2 steals and 1 block on the year
22 Pau Gasol, LAL, PF/C
Tearing it up before recent injury, hopefully won't be out for long
23 Carlos Boozer, Uta, PF/C
Still averaging a double/double, but only 17 pts per over past 13
24 Joe Johnson, Atl, PG/SG/SF
Averaging under 4 assists per game over past 9
25 Chauncey Billups, Den, PG
Getting back into it after missing 8 games
26 Josh Smith, Atl, SF/PF
Still shooting well, but pts and rebs are steadying out
27 Antawn Jamison, Was, PF
Possible trade bait averaging 30 pts since Arenas departure
28 Andrea Bargnani, Tor, PF/C
Set a career high with 17 rebounds vs. Indiana
29 Al Horford, Atl, PF/C 
He keeps getting better every year--over 58% FG for the year
30 Nene Hilario, Den, PF/C
 59% FG over past 7, and over a steal and block for the year
31 Al Jefferson, Min, PF/C
#'s are still considerably down from last season
32 Paul Pierce, Bos, SG/SF
#'s are starting to average out as Celts have won 11 in a row
33 Rajon Rondo, Bos, PG
Shooting 53% for the year, and capped off last week with a triple/double
34 Baron Davis, LAC, PG
Averaging almost 11 assists over past 6, and still not injured!

Looking in...

Dwight Howard (I just couldn't put him in yet--he's only averaging 13pts over the past 9 games!), Devin Harris, Marc Gasol, Rudy GayMo Williams, Channing Frye, Zach Randolph 

Now it's your turn!  Who am I missing?  Who should be out of the top 34?  Let me know what your thoughts are and I'll tell you if you're wrong.